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Documents Required

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Documents Required

Applicants are required to submit the following supporting documents, to their selected Open Campus Site, immediately after completing the online application. Original documents along with photocopies of each document must be presented to the Site. The Site staff will certify the photocopies of your documents and return the originals to you. You must submit all required documents in order to complete the application process


Application Receipt (A signed copy of the application receipt together with a passport picture)

  Birth Certificate or Valid Passport or Valid National ID Card or Valid Driver's Permit 
  Marriage Certificate (where applicable)

Legal Affidavit or Deed Poll (if present name or date of birth on your supporting documents is different from that on the Birth Certificate) 


All Academic Certificates [ GCE, CXC (CAPE), CXC (CSEC)) ] (not applicable to  Graduate applicants) 


Grade Slips (accepted only in cases where certificates are not  yet available)

  Professional Certificates/Diplomas
  Official transcripts are required if you have a professional certificate, diploma, and/or university degree from an institution other than The University of the West Indies. [Transcripts must be sent directly from granting institution either via email to ( or via mail to the Assistant Registrar)](Not applicable to graduates of the UWI)

Transcripts must be submitted to:

The Assistant Registrar
Recruitment, Admissions and Registration Department
Office of the Campus Registrar
The University of the West Indies, Open Campus
Esmond D. Ramesar Centre
Trinidad and Tobago


Two (2) referee reports (required for Graduate programmes only)


TOEFL Examination Score (applicable only to candidates whose native language is not English.  A TOEFL Score of 500 or greater is preferred)


How to Submit of Supporting Documents: 
Applicants are advised to submit all supporting documents within two (2) weeks of submitting an online application using either Option 1 or Option 2 below:

You can submit this receipt along with the original and copies of the supporting documents  listed below to the UWI Open Campus Site office in your country.  Your copies will be verified  by Site personnel and  the originals returned to you. 

In instances where the UWI Open Campus Site office in your country is not open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic or you reside in a country with no UWI Open Campus offices, the supporting documents listed below are to be submitted with this receipt using the following interim measures.    

  • For Undergraduate programmes (i.e. BSc, Associate Degree, Certificate or Diploma), please submit via email to:
  • For Postgraduate programmes, please submit via email to:
  • Official transcripts (for relevant Undergraduate and ALL Graduate programmes) from non-UWI campuses should be sent directly from the granting institution to The UWI Open Campus via email to: or via mail to the Assistant Registrar using the mailing address in the previous section.
  • Applicants submitting documents using Option 2 above should ensure that a clear copy of each document is submitted.  Unnotarized copies can be submitted in the interim, however, notarized copies of all supporting documents must be received by the deadline indicated for the submissions documents. Documents can be notarized by either a Notary Public, Commissioner of Affidavits or Justice of the Peace. 

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will not be considered if there is any indication that the supporting documents have been altered in any way.