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Welcome to the University of the West Indies Open Campus and to the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU).

Established in 2001, the QAU is located in the Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies (OBUS). It also supports the Board for Graduate Studies and Research. Its responsibilities include monitoring, auditing and reviewing the teaching & learning, graduate & research activities at the four Campuses of the University.

The QAU conducts regular Quality Assurance Reviews and Evaluations of the various academic disciplines of the University.

QAU Objectives

  1. improve the quality of the learning experience of students; and
  2. provide assurance to stakeholders as to the quality of the provision.

Fit for Purpose and Quality Reviews

Underpinning the QAU concept of quality is fitness for purpose. This is whether or not the quality of a programme/course/unit/centre/site is deemed fit for purpose if it meets its stated purposes. Through its reviews, the QAU seeks to ensure that the stated purposes are appropriate for the particular discipline.

That means also that the graduates are fit for purpose for which the programme/course was intended. As part of the review, the content of the programme/course, teaching methods, assessment methodology, etc. are evaluated.

The Quality Assurance Reviews are conducted on a five or seven yearly cycle. These involve a team of reviewers both internal and external to the UWI and the specific Campus.

For more information on the Quality Assurance Unit, please visit

The UWI Student Charter

The Open Campus's Operational Plan has students at its nexus. This student-focused approach to teaching and learning provides the catalyst for the advancement of quality at the Campus. This includes the Student Charter which outlines its commitment to its students, as follows:

  1. ensuring that all faculty members are academically qualified and dedicated to students and their success
  2. ensuring that all students have access to course materials on or before the first day of the commencement of studies;
  3. pledging to respond to all email or online queries within 48 hours of receipt;
  4. providing constructive feedback and input to online discussions within 48 hours;
  5. marking and returning of all assignments within 14 calendar days after submission deadline date; and
  6. posting all final course grades within 21 calendar days of the end of the semester.

Quality Offerings

To enrich the quality of offerings, the Open Campus has support and feedback mechanisms, including:

  • ♦ end of course evaluations by students and tutors
  • ♦ monitoring of tutor interactions with students and the periodic review of all courses

These internal processes will be complemented with the QAU’s five-yearly review of all programmes and courses. As the Campus grows, it will continue to monitor and evaluate its offerings through internal and external processes. This is to ensure continuous enhancement of the quality of its teaching and learning, and by extension, the achievement of its students and graduates.