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 The Women and Development Unit (WAND)

 …Centring women and their families in Caribbean development


The Women and Development Unit (WAND) was established in August 1978 in the context of the UN Decade for Women, the work of the Unit has been traditionally committed to supporting and promoting women's development through training, research, documentation and community outreach. The Unit joined the University of the West Indies Open Campus in 2008 becoming a unit of the Consortium for Social Development & Research (CSDR) of the Open Campus, UWI. WAND rebranded and developed new direction in 2018 as a specialised unit of the CSDR, UWI Open Campus. WAND centres women and their families in Caribbean Development through:

  • community outreach
  • online learning in gender and development
  • technical partnerships in policy development;
  • research and advocacy 


Contact details:

The Women and Development Unit (WAND)

University of the West Indies, Open Campus

The Pine, St Michael, Barbados CBN

Tel: 246 430 1130/ 1132 /