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User Statement of Information Security Responsibility

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The University of the West Indies Open Campus employees are required to sign this statement.

For contract employees: during the duration of their contract, and to be re-signed on each renewal.

For all employees: at the beginning of the required training or refresher training and abide by it daily.

Consultants, contractors and their employees, where appropriate, must also sign this document.


I understand the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications (inclusive of Banner, Evisions Argos, and the document management system) are provided for University use to support and enhance the student, academic and administrative experience.

Transactions executed and/or stored in the ERP applications are protected by my credentials which include at a minimum a secret password, which must be kept strictly confidential; and it must not be shared, recorded, or otherwise disclosed. I understand that my assigned identification code and password identifies me and allows access to the ERP applications and I am accountable for any activity using these credentials. I will take adequate precaution to prevent unauthorized access to the device used to access the ERP applications (ie. Personal device or UWI OC provided device), including but not limited to locking the device (with password) when not in use and other recommended practices congruent with protecting physical and network access to the device.

I understand the University has the right to enter and search any transactions created in the ERP applications or relative systems provided by the University at any time and for any reason, including compliance with System or University information security requirements.

I will comply with the controls specified by the information owners and information custodians. I will report any suspected compromise of classified information to the Campus Registrar or designate.

I am aware that it is The University of the West Indies policy to treat all information as a sensitive asset, whether it is computer programs, software, data or other information collected, stored and generated in the conduct of its business. To the best of my ability, I will protect information from unauthorized use, modification, destruction, or disclosure, whether accidental or intentional.

I understand that abuse of these requirements, and others which may be declared in the future, may result in the above privileges being withdrawn and may lead to termination of my services.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read this policy statement, understand it, and agree to its terms.