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Documents Required

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You must submit the supporting documents identified below together with your Application Receipt to complete the application process.

Applicants should

  1. print and sign the Application Receipt
  2. attach a passport size photograph using glue
  3. submit the signed Application Receipt together with the original and one photocopy of the supporting documents  below to your Open Campus Site within a week of your application.

The Site staff will certify the photocopies of your documents and return the originals to you.

Supporting Documents

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Academic certificates/grade slips
  3. Professional certificates/diplomas (where applicable)
  4. Official Transcripts
  5. Marriage certificate (where applicable)
  6. Deed poll/Legal Affidavit if the present name is different from that on the Birth Certificate. (Each name must be spelt correctly and also correctly hyphenated, where necessary.)
  7. TOEFL Examination Score (applicable to candidates whose native language is not English). A TOEFL Score of 500 or greater is preferred.

These documents must be submitted within one week of submitting an online application.

Applications will not be fully processed without the applicable documents.

NB Applications will not be considered if there is any indication that the supporting documents have been altered in any way.

Submission of Transcripts

Transcripts are required if you have a professional certificate, diploma, and/or university degree from an institution other than The University of the West Indies. Transcripts should be forwarded by June 30 for August admission and November 30 for January admission directly from the issuing institution to:


Assistant Registrar
Open Campus
UWI, St. Augustine