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The Open Campus in Trinidad & Tobago



Dear Stakeholders

I send you warm greetings at the start of Academic Year 2020-2021. By now you would have realized that our previous ways of operating, as physical Sites in Trinidad and Tobago, have had to be adjusted due to country restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic response. However, rest assured the new normal has always been The UWI Open Campus’ normal, as the online campus of The University of the West Indies. As such, Sites in Trinidad and Tobago are receiving the necessary guidance to support you in your continued educational pursuits.

All Sites and Centers, therefore, will run courses and programmes virtually for Semester 1. These plans, of course, are subject to change based on new information or guidance from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Please, therefore, make full use of our webpages here to find out more information.

Your success is central to our mission at The UWI Open Campus. Any time you have questions or feel unsure about how to proceed in your academic journey, please reach out to us immediately. We are here to support you every step of the way in your journey.

Best wishes for a fruitful and healthy year!

- Mrs Karen Rosemin





  1. All Full-Time and Part-Time Semester I Classes will start in September 2021
  2. Programmes offered Face-to-Face before COVID-19 will now be offered online
  3. New GATE application procedure here
  4. Important 2020/21 notice for GATE funding here
  5. Please see list of Online GATE approved Programmes here


To Apply: Full-Time and Part-Time Programmes (Former Face-to-Face) click here OR download and complete physical form here.
For Application Procedure: Click here

Please email any of the following Sites for more information on programmes/courses and the application process:


Join us on Facebook/UWIOCTT for the latest information and discussions on our programmes/courses.

About the Site

There are 13 locations throughout the country, including the following key Sites:

  • Chaguanas
  • Gordon Street (St. Augustine)
  • Mayaro
  • Pre-University
  • San Fernando
  • St. Augustine 
  • Tobago

The main office in Trinidad and Tobago is responsible for all of the Open Campus’ activities, including public service, marketing and outreach activities, research and continuing education programming.