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Supervisory Management

Course Description

This course provides students with an understanding of the management functions Supervisors must perform. It is designed to introduce students to the role and responsibilities of a Supervisor. Students will receive solid theory and practical application that reinforces the essence of supervisory management working with and through people.

Method of Presentation

This course will be presented via a combination of lecture, group discussions, and visual aids.  Students will be required to research topics, interview professionals, write and present reports as well as analyse and interpret outcomes of management decisions.

Method of Evaluation

Students will receive a grade based on the total points accumulated from exams, classroom exercises and research projects.  Class participation will also be considered when determining the final course grade.

Case study                                5%

Research paper                         20%

Midterm test                             10%

Participation and attendance     5%

Final Exam                               60%


Areas Covered

·         Supervisory Management Roles and Challenges

·         Fundamentals of Planning , Decision  making and problem solving

·         Fundamentals of organizing and delegating authority

·         The Supervisor as a leader

·         Motivation and Work Attitudes

·         Organisational communication

·         Handling Discipline of Grievance

·         Appraising Employee Performance

Duration of course

10 weeks (40 contact hours)

Target Group:Middle managers, Line managers, persons in supervisory positions, persons aiming to become Supervisors.



Fees are payable at CIBC First Caribbean Bank A/c #1873632


Classes are held at:

The UWI Open Campus

Morne Fortune