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Supervisory Management

Course Description

This is a 10-week programme that aims to provide a practical framework for learning and applying vital skills and techniques in supervision. Classes are held twice weekly and are 1 1/2 hours in duration.


Lectures, discussions, research presentation, role-plays, problem solving exercises, case studies as well as film and video presentations.

Course Outline

1.       Organisation Structure & Function

·         Structural development

·         Functional responsibility

·         Levels of authority

·         Line and staff relationship

2.       Principles of Supervision

·         Supervisory functions and importance

·         Developing supervisory skills

·         The successful versus less successful supervisor (Michigan Studies-Renis Licert

3.       Leadership

·         Approaches/models

·         Formal & informal

·         Factors influencing leadership behaviour

·         Styles and practices

4.       Motivation & Work Attitudes

·         Popular theories on motivation

·         Work attitudes and employee morals – a Caribbean perspective

5.       Problem Solving & Decision Making

·         Sources of organisational problems

·         Types of organisational problems

·         Problem solving process

·         Factors affecting decisions

6.      Organisational Communication

·         General principles

·         Formal and informal

·         Common barriers

7.       Handling Discipline & Grievance

·         General principles

·         Disciplinary interview

·         Unionized versus non-unionised companies

8.       Evaluation of Employees Performance

·         Identifying job performance factors

·         The appraisal system

·         The appraisal interview

START DATE: February 3, 2016
CLASS DAYS: Wednedays