Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for Matriculation (Admissions)


Potential applicants will be required to use Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to satisfy the relevant University minimum entrance requirements for matriculation, at Lower Level, before being considered for admission to degree or other programmes.  Applicants will be required, through credentials and/or relevant experiential learning, to demonstrate competence in five (5) Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

Consider PLA as an option to:

  • Gain entry to The UWI Open Campus
  • Access the courses and programmes of The UWI Open Campus
  • Use your non-formal and informal knowledge and skills to further your education


  • Is to be completed by potential PLA/Matriculation applicants
  • Gives an opportunity to potential PLA applicants to gauge whether they meet the requirements for PLA/Matriculation
  • Is used in addition to formal advising from the PLA Unit and/or the Programme Delivery Department

Instructions for completing the PLA Pre-Advising e-Form for Matriculation:

  1. Review PLA Web pages at:
  2. Review the Course Outline for PLA/Matriculation at:
  3. Submit the completed Form