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Welcome to the Office of the Board for Non-Campus Countries and Distance Education.  We are an Office of the University Centre, located at the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.  The Office exists to co-ordinate and monitor the University's outreach and distance education activity, with particular responsibility for the University's place in the Non-Campus Countries (NCCs).

We hope this site will serve

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For a brief summary of what is kept on this site, there is a listing of its pages. The University disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in them. Links followed by an asterisk take you away from pages maintained by the Office.

The Board for Non-Campus Countries and Distance Education (current membership here, and list of meetings here) is responsible for three executive agencies:

The above links provide more details of these units, including contact addresses.

The Board meets in general twice a year and usually in a non-campus country.  The schedule of meetings can be found here.

The Office of the Board consists of:

Professor Carrington retires in July 2007. He will be replaced by Professor Hazel Simons-McDonald.

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Work in progress in the Office

Irregular Publications

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Contact may be made with the Office

Voice to Office:

(1 246) 417 4020/24


(1 246) 424 0722

Phone E-mail
Professor Lawrence Carrington (1 246) 417 4022
Mr Ed Brandon (1 246) 417 4023
Dr Glenford Howe (1 246) 417 4024
Ms Rosemary Jordan (1 246) 417 4021
Ms Sherry-Anne Toppin (1 246) 417 4020

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