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This page serves to pull together various items related to the life and work of Jean Rhys, mainly flowing from the Jean Rhys Festival and Conference, held in Dominica from June 10th to June 13th, 2004.

Conference Papers

Author Paper
Dr Jane Bryce 'That is not for beke.' Global versus local in two film versions of Sargasso
Dr Evelyn O'Callaghan At Home [at last] in the Island
Dr Paula Morgan A Tall Far Island Floating in Cobalt Paint: Race and Displacement in Rhys's Fiction
Ms Marika Preziuso Trajectories of Creolization: Maryse Condé's La Migration des Coeurs through Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea
Ms Midori Saiko The Lost Motherland? Image of the Caribbean in the Early Works of Jean Rhys: Left Bank and Voyage in the Dark
Dr Kim Robinson Walcott Taking, or Spurning, the Imperial Road: White West Indian Writers and their Black Protagonists


As an attachment to Evelyn O'Callaghan's paper, we have been given permission to reprint Olive Senior's poem to Jean Rhys, "Meditation on Red".

Biographical notes

Short Illustrated Biography of Jean Rhys, compiled by Lennox Honychurch

Eimer Page's biographical sketch from which much of the previous page was taken

Another biographical sketch



On-line articles, lectures, and commentaries



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