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The UWI Open Campus’ offer of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) means that prospective learners will have an opportunity to have the relevant learning from their work experience, on-the-job training, volunteer work, training seminars, workshops, and other courses, assessed for academic credit.

Interested learners will be able to enrol in an online Prior Learning and Portfolio Development/Assessment Pass/Fail course offered by the UWIOC. A Course Coordinator will work closely with learners to develop a learning portfolio which documents their relevant experiential knowledge and skills. This learning must be aligned to the learning outcomes of specific first year (i.e. Level 1) undergraduate degree courses. Currently the programmes available for PLA are:

■ B.Sc. Accounting;
■ B.Sc. Banking and Finance;
■ B.Ed. Early Childhood Development and Family Studies;
■ B.Sc. Management Studies (inclusive of the Econ. Minor); and
■ B.Sc. Youth Development Work.

Under the guidance of trained subject content experts, students will be given an overview of PLA, taught how to identify their relevant experiential knowledge and skills, and document these in a learning portfolio. The aim of the student would be to convince assessors that they already have the learning outcomes for specific courses in an undergraduate degree programme. Trained assessors will evaluate the learning portfolio. If successful, PLA credits and advanced placement would be recommended and assigned in the undergraduate degree programme.

The PLA Unit, which administers the programme, is advised by a Steering Committee that makes recommendations on the operations of PLA to the Open Campus Academic Quality Assurance Committee (AQAC) and Academic Board (AB) and to the UWI Board for Undergraduate Studies (BUS). Members of the Committee include the Deputy Principal (Chair), Heads or nominees of the Campus Registry; Academic Programming and Delivery Division (APAD); Computing and Technological Services (CATS) Department; Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS) and Quality Assurance Unit (QAU).


The PLA Unit 

● Develops PLA Policy, Regulations and related documentation for students and assessors.

● Manages the online Prior Learning and Portfolio Development/Assessment course.

● Manages PLA scholarships.

● Identifies, hires and trains staff to develop, coordinate and assess the online Prior Learning and Portfolio Development/Assessment course.

● Advises, mentors and monitors PLA students until they have completed the course and are assessed.

● Liaises with the Registry (Recruitment, Admissions and Registration) regarding PLA applicants; coordinates and reports PLA earned credits to the Registry (Assessment, Awards and Records).