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Student Comments on Orientation:

Shane Ferrol

"To me, the Programme Delivery Department (PDD) Orientation course was essential and obligatory. This experience was very vital to the success of my journey with UWI Open Campus since it opened me to the do’s , don’t and what is to be expected throughout my journey as an online student. Everything ranging from forum discussions to the uploading of assignments and so forth was informative and beneficial. I am very pleased with the outcome of my experience and certainly do not see the necessity of additional explanatory material."

Cristal Trail

"This is my first time doing an online course. It was a great experience and everything went well, questions were answered promptly. Finding my way around was easy as instructions were clear and simple. I really enjoyed every bit of it. I hope when classes commence I can say the same."

Collin Karr

"I believe that this course accomplished what it had set out to do, that is, to help students learn to manoeuvre their way around the online system. I was impressed with the structured way in which the course was conducted: the information and exercises were sequenced well and the resources were apt and helpful. In addition, I was satisfied with the quality of the responses of the course personnel and their responses were given in a timely manner. Even though I studied at UWI before, I learned important things that I was not aware of; for example, my knowledge about plagiarism was greatly expanded – for instance, I was not aware of the different levels of plagiarism and that the treatment of the issue depends on the severity of the offence."