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Meet Our Orientation Staff

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The UWI Open Campus Orientation staff members are a wide and varied group across our many Caribbean sites and learning centres. They are responsible for ensuring that the transition of our new students as aware and active members of the University and Campus, is comprehensive and concrete. The leadership team in our Orientation Sessions is willing and able to help facilitate our programmes and services for new students.

Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) Division

Programme Delivery Department


Northern Caribbean


Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil



Elizabeth Sinclair


Alecia Walters


Florence Gilzene-Cheese


Keisha Campbell


Southern Caribbean


Alimayu Bowen


Annette Arjoonsingh


Emmogene Budhai-Alvaranga


Hilary Drakes-Morris


Joycelyn Wong


Kareen Guscott


Eastern Caribbean


Kathyann Lashley


Kayon Dean


The UWI Open Campus Registry

Student Support


Daniella Hickling

Assistant Registrar


Ingrid Campbell