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Giving to the Library


Giving Books and Other Information Resources. 


The Open Campus Libraries and Information Services (OCLIS) welcomes your in-kind donations of books and other information resources which strengthens its collections and supports the Open Campus' research and programmes. 

Items given to the Library are reviewed before being added to our collections. Disposition of donations not added is at the discretion of OCLIS.  For large collections we would be happy to vet your list of items on offer. Any conditions placed on items given to the OCLIS must be negotiated before acceptance else your donations are presumed to be given without conditions. 

You are kindly asked not to inscribe nor attach donor notes, plates or other material to items on offer. These attachments may damage the item, obscure useful information, affect OCLIS processing, or impact on the value of the item. If desired, OCLIS will work with you on a suitable note or plate.

To make your donation to OCLIS please contact our Acquisitions Librarian


Giving Monetary & Other In-kind Donations


The Open Campus Libraries and Information Services (OCLIS) welcomes your monetary and other in-kind donations to assist in supporting, developing and enhancing the provision of OCLIS' services and information products to the Open Campus community.  To make your donation to OCLIS please contact the Office of the Campus Librarian.