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Research & Libraries (Dominica)

Vision:  To provide library and information services and resources to students of the University of the West Indies Open Campus regardless of geographical location.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 12:00pm - 8:00pm


Library Rules

  1. Borrowing of resources is limited to Open Campus students
  2. Authorised students may borrow items at overnight  or on a weekend basis.  Requests for such loans must be    submitted by Wednesday of that week 
  3. Persistent and/or excessive talking as well as group gatherings are discouraged
  4. Cellular phones are to be turned off upon entering the library
  5. Food Stuffs and/or drinks must not be taken into the library
  6. Newspapers and books should not be removed or displaced



Upon registration at the Open Campus, students automatically become library members.  However, users are required to fill out a registration card in order to borrow library resources.



Resources are loaned on overnight and weekend bases.  The order must be placed by Wednesday of  the given week.

Books may be collected during regular working hours and returned on the following Monday.  For overnight loans, books must be returned the following day.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What type of material do you house?

The library is operated as a reference library with mainly a social science collection.

2. How can I borrow resources?

Resource orders must be requested by Wednesday of each week.  The Library Assistant facilitates the request for pick up during  regular working hours.

3. How long is the loan period?

Resources are loaned on an overnight or week-end basis.

4. Are there penalties for late return of resources?       

Yes . A fee will be charged for overdue materials.

5. Will I be charged for lost or damaged material?

Yes .  Students are expected to bear full responsibility for lost or damaged material