Learn About Cyber Security Vulnerabilities, Risks & Threats

The workshop will provide quality information on emerging cyber threats, risks, strategies and approaches and investigative techniques within the context of limited resources and Caribbean legal frameworks.

For Law Enforcement
For Law Enforcement

For Law Enforcement

  1. Gain insight into cybercrime trends and how to be predictive and proactive;
  2. Gain basic cybercrime investigative knowledge;
  3. Be able to assess the resources they have and implement strategies that are geared towards optimized outcomes within the constraints of limited resources;
  4. Be able to identify common cyber security vulnerabilities, risks and threats.

For Business Community

  1. Be able to make the paradigm shift by viewing cybersecurity as a larger enterprise risk and business issue rather than a post-incident recovery IT Department issue;
  2. Be able to identify organization vulnerabilities and gaps;
  3. Be able to identify specific threats and risks that may be challenging to the viability of the business based on trends;
  4. Be able to respond so that data, programs and systems can be made more secure.

World Renowned Presenters


Mr. Michael Levin

Former Branch Chief of US Secret Service, Electronic Crimes Task Force program; former Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division who worked directly under Presidents Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton and GW Bush.


Prof. Tim Richardson

Professor at Seneca College who teaches in the area of cybersecurity; A certified Expert Witness in the Supreme Court, Canada, in cases of cyber fraud and cybersecurity; Expertise in Contingency Planning and Risk Analysis, Hacking, Spyware, Social Engineering, Open Source Intelligence, among others.


Mr. Ritesh Kotak

A leader in Cyber Investigations who has been globally recognized for developing leading-edge investigative techniques which are used by police agencies around the world. Ritesh is the co-creator of the first municipal cyber crimes unit for a major police service in Canada. Ritesh has presented his work internationally from the World Internet Conference in China, Intersec in Dubai, FBI National Executive Institute along with other major international conferences. Ritesh also frequently appears in National and International Media as Subject-Matter Expert (SME) on Cyber and Tech-Related Stories.


Mr. Warren Williams

Head of the Communications Department in the Communication Forensics and Cybercrime Division at the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He is a trained Radio Frequency Propagation Specialist and Manager of Terrorism Investigations with focus in cyber security.

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