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Name Job Title  

Karen Ford-Warner

Campus Registrar

Dr. Francis Severin Director, Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS)  
Elaine Robinson Deputy University Bursar and Open Campus Chief Financial Officer  
Tommy Chen Chief Information Officer  
Karen Lequay Campus Librarian  
Dr Denise Gaspard-Richards Director, Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) Division  
Eric Innocent Baron Director, Human Resource  
Dr Veronica Simon Deputy Director (Ag.), Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS)  
Ceceile Minott Director, Consortium for Social Development and Research (CSDR) and Head, Caribbean Child Development Centre (CCDC)  
Dr Cheryl Sloley Deputy Director, Finance, Facilities and HR (T&T and Jamaica), OCCCS  
Cleveland Sam Manager, Marketing and Communications  
Gillian Holder Senior Assistant Registrar, Assessment, Awards and Records (AAR), Registry  
Paula Alleyne Functional Analyst Records & Information Management  
Ryan Byer Head of Site, Barbados  
Charlene Riley University, Archivist  
Alecia Walters-Archie Assistant Registrar, Student Support and Services (SSS), Registry  
Christopher Thomas Project Coordinator, Office of the Principal  
Wendy Nurse-Weekes Executive Assistant, Office of the Principal  
Nickisha Jankie Student Guild President  
Donovan Williams Marketing and Outreach Officer  
Camille Charles Assistant Registrar, Secretariat (Recording Sceratray)  
Patrick Johnson Digital Marketing Officer