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This is the moment to change the world
- TIME Magazine May 18, 2020

We are calling on all UWI students to think and act entrepreneurially to help build a better Caribbean and better world during these challenging times.

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Your idea can help save the Environment|Country|Region|Planet !

Announcing the launch of The UWI Open Campus Student Competition on Climate Change - September 2020 - July 2021

"Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse." -- Desmond Tutu


Have that rock star idea that can Save the World?


Battle your way to success at your country level and the regional level!


Yep, of course there is prize money for the final winners. Total prize pool US$5500.

About the Competition.

An important goal of The UWI’s Climate Change Competition is to provide useful educational and entrepreneurial experience focused on important real-world experiences. The focus is on Climate Change and how the Caribbean can best adapt to and mitigate resulting social, economic, and environmental impacts. At the ‘One Planet Summit’ in Paris on December 12, 2017 Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, Chair of CARICOM stated, “We need to come together to build a better future for the people of the Caribbean.…Together we can build thriving economies fueled by clean energy, nature-based resilient design and innovation. The time for action is now.”

Central Objectives of the Climate Change Competition are to:

Promote the education and real-world experience of UWI Open Campus Students

Have a positive impact on critically important social, economic, and policy in the Caribbean

Address near and longer term challenges in the Caribbean as a result of Climate Change

The UWI Open Campus (UWIOC) invites student teams to submit ideas in the form of short proposals concerning the impact of Climate Change on the Caribbean. Our interests are broad in scope and include the environment, the economy and society. We invite students to work together in teams of 3 to 6 students. Each team should consider real-world outcomes of their ideas; for example, launching new products, inventing or applying technology, creating new services, or suggesting policy initiatives. Between August and November 2020, UWIOC Student Teams are invited to organize with UWIOC faculty or approved mentors to submit business plans and concept papers on topics focused on current and projected Climate Change Impacts on the Caribbean’s economic, environmental, and social sectors.

This competition is divided into two (2) levels;

Level 1
During September and December 2020, the Student Teams will be formed at the National Level and include UWI Open Campus students and faculty. An important objective is to maximize national or local creativity of student team submissions. Also at the National Level a panel of academic, business, and public sector representatives will judge the National Competitions.
Level 2
Student Teams completing Level 1 requirements will be notified concerning the final evaluation of their submission. Winning National Teams will be invited to compete in the Caribbean Regional Competition during Semester 2. At the end of Semester 2, Regional Competition Awards will be announced. Winning Teams will also be able to receive continued mentoring of their idea or business proposal by National and International Mentors though the Summer Term in 2021.

Preference will be given to:


Initiatives must be able to demonstrate a positive social and/or environmental impact in the face of climate change in at least one of the thematic areas. (20 Points)

Use of Social Media

We encourage teams to use social media, and the competition’s website to share relevant information on climate change (www.open.uwi.edu/climate-change). The goal here is to create a digital library of useful research and articles for interested participants. Student Teams will be judged on their contributions to this Library including research, articles, videos and digital references. (20 Points)


The initiatives present an innovative way of approaching existing solutions, or the applications to new contexts. (20 Points)


Student teams should present realistic plans on how to generate medium to long-term impact, by demonstrating how they would mobilize financial, human resources, the public/private sector or support networks. Teams should not only describe how they plan to seek funding, but also their plan for sustainability. (20 Points)

Team Dynamics

The formation of diverse and inter-disciplinary teams including regional community, government and business partners. (10 Points)


The initiatives must be feasible on a regional scale or applicable in other social, cultural or geographical contexts. Student teams must demonstrate leadership and team spirit to influence the field in which they work, encourage citizens to become agents of change. (10 Points))


To have the UWI OC Climate Change Entrepreneurial Competition be an important catalyst for environmental and social sustainability and business development throughout the Caribbean.


During each academic year UWI OC will organize regional student entrepreneurial projects and competitions focused on Climate Change and the development and promotion of creative and innovative policy and successful business ventures for regional development and start-up and established Caribbean industry.

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