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Local Programmes (Cayman Islands)

The following are the schedules of "local courses" offered at the site.  Enrollment in local courses do NOT suffice for student visa purposes as far as Immigration requirements are concerned.


Local Programmes and courses offered in Academic Year 2014/2015
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Click the button to register for a course: 

Registration is only complete on payment of the course fee. Unpaid registrations will be deleted after three days from the date of online registration and the place open for other registrations.

Minimum Registration (all courses) 5 (Max 10)

Group rate: get 2 students for a course and yours is FREE!


The University Centre has wheeelchair access to the lab and a Blue Spot for parking. Valued citizens and challenged persons are offered a 100% discount on Local Courses.

Interest List: Maybe you did not see exactly what you wanted in our pages. Let us know what you would like. Complete the Interest List form so that we can plan for your needs.

Students are required to present proof of payment at the first class of each course. UWI Open Campus will make every effort to accommodate excessive registrations and reserves the right to cancel a course if the registration is not at least up to minimum.