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Sub-Committees 2010-2012

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The preparation of the self-study report was divided into five teams which corresponded to the five standards set by the Barbados Accreditation Council.

Below is a summary of the standards and the sub-committee members.

Standard 1: Mission and Objectives

The institution's mission and objectives are appropriate to post-secondary or teritary education and consistent with the policies and practices that guide its operations.

Sub Committee (1): Chairperson: Prof. Vivienne Roberts


Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards

Mrs. Veronica Simon

Mrs. Janetha Long

Mr. Ryan Byer

Mr. Tommy Chen

Standard 2: Governance and Administration

The institution's system of governance ensures ethical decision-making and efficient provision of human, physical and financial resouces to effectively accomplish its educational and other purposes

Sub Committee (2): Chairperson: Prof. Ed Brandon


Dr. Louis Whittington

Prof. Stewart Marshall

Dr. Ian Austin

Dr. Monica Mascino

Standard 3:  Teaching and Learning

The institution's provides evidence of student learning outcomes and faculty effectiveness in achieving its educational objectives and demonstrates the capability to continue to do so

Sub Committee (3): Chairperson: Dr. Benita Thompson


Mrs. Elia Grant-Frazer

Dr. Marguerita Alleyne-Whittington

Heather Marshall

Dr. Glenford Howe

Mrs. Sandra Griffith-Carrington

Standard 4: Readiness for Change

The institution's human, physical and financial resources are strategically allocated and employed to respond to the social and economic needs of a rapidly changing global society

Sub Committee (4): Chairperson: Prof. Julie Meeks-Gardner


Ms. Sheryl Whitehall

Mr. Ronnie Squires

Ms. Jane Bennett

Ms. Marva Campbell.

Standard 5: Quality Enhancement

The institution monitors, reviews and improves its Quality Management Systems through effective planning and evaluation, sustained effort and commitment to quality

Sub-Committee (5): Chairperson: Ms. Pamela Dottin


Mrs. Gillian Beckles-Holder

Dr. Ian Baptiste

Ms.  Rosemary Jordan

Dr. Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil.