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Steering Committee 2010-2012

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The Accreditation Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing and managing all accreditation related matters.

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing and approving the self-study plan
  2. Developing and approving the self-study goals
  3. Developing and approving the self-study timetable
  4. Promoting the self-study process throughout the Campus
  5. Providing input into the establishment of the work group
  6. Reviewing working papers developed by working groups
  7. Providing an analysis of cross-cutting themes as part of the summative evaluation

Member of the Committee

Prof. Vivienne Roberts, Chairperson

Dr. Francis Severin, Deputy Chairperson




Mr. Tommy Chen



Ms. Karen Lequay


Ms. Karen Ford-Warner




Ms. Sheryl Whitehall



Ms. Souzanne Fanovich


Ms. Pamela Dottin, Accreditation Coordinator