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Self-Study Team 2017-2019

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The Self-Study Team will be responsible for:

 a. Leadership and direction for the self-study process and site visit planning

 b. Oversight, collaboration and coordination of the Steering Committee

 c. Preparation of self-study report and executive summary (writing and layout design)

 d. Architecture of self-study report

 e. Directing data/evidence compilation and collection

 f. Communication with PVC, Management Committee

 g. Internal and external communications about the self-study

 h. Final review and determination of design of self-study report

 i. Development of resource room

 j. Lead preparation of institutional response to review report 

Members of the Committee 

Dr. Luz Longsworth (Chairperson)

Pro Vice-Chancellor & Principal 

Prof. Julie Meeks (Deputy Chairperson)

Deputy Principal 

Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards

Director of Academic Programming & Delivery (APAD) Division 

Dr. Francis Severin

Director of OCCS

Mr. Lincoln Williams (Until July, 2018) 

Director, Consortum for Social Development and Research (CSDR)/Open Campus Academy of Sports

Prof. Emerita Vivienne Roberts

Former Deputy Principal, Open Campus 

Dr. Pamela Dottin (Accreditation Coordinator) 

Quality Assurance Officer