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Re-Accreditation Steering Committee 2017-2019

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Re-Accreditation Steering Committee 2017-2019

The Re-Accreditation Steering is responsible for overseeing and managing all accreditation related matters.

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  1. Collaborating with the Self-StudyTeam in preparation of self-study report and planning for site visit.
  2. Collaborating with the self-study team in providing leadership for Campus engagement with self-study process
  3. Recommendations for membership of sub-committees
  4. Directing and oversight of sub-committees.
  5. Assessing of data/evidence needed for self study report
  6. Synthesizing input from sub-committees
  7. Developing elaboration of outline for self-study report
  8. Review drafts of self-study report
  9. Collaborating with Self Study Team in communication about self study


Member of the Committee 

Prof. Julie Meeks (Chairperson) 

Deputy Principal 

Dr. Francis Severin (Deputy Chairperson)

Director of OCCS

Mr. Tommy Chen 

Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

Mrs. Karen Lequay 

Campus Librarian

Mrs. Karen Ford-Warner 

Campus Registrar 

Ms. Sheryl Whitehall (Until July, 2018)

Chief Financial Officer 

Mr. Eric Baron 

Director of Human Resources

Mr. Lincoln Williams (Until July, 2018) 

Director, Consortum for Social Development & Research (CSDR)/Open Campus Academy of Sports 

Dr. Ngoni Chipere

Senior Planning & Development Officer & Coordinator  

Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards 

Director, Academic Programming & Delivery (APAD) Division

Ms. Marcia Reid 

Senior Administrative Assistant
Marketing & Communications Department 

Dr. Pamela Dottin (Accreditation Coordinator)

Quality Assurance Officer   

Mrs. Renitta Peters-Morris 

Guild of Students Representative 

Mrs. Lesley Crane-Mitchell 

Marketing and Communications Rep.