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It is a process of evaluation and assessment which is conducted by an external quality assurance agency. Institutions are required to conduct a self evaluation and produce a report which addresses the standards set by the external agency. There are two kinds of accreditation: programme and institutional. 

Programme Accreditation

Programme accreditation focuses on establishing a programme’s academic quality.   It provides external verification that an institution's programme meets specific standards as set by the external quality assurance body.  This form of accreditation is also known as “specialised accreditation”.

The evaluation for programme accreditation focuses on curriculum design, quality of teaching and learning processes, and feedback mechanisms.

Institutional Accreditation

Institutional accreditation is one mechanism that is used to formally recognise that an institution has met quality standards set by an external quality assurance body.   The form of accreditation analyses an institution's processes and procedures to determine whether they have the capacity to provide programmes and services of high quality.

Is Institutional Accreditation Important?

For the UWI institutional accreditation serves two purposes: (1) external verification of the quality of its provisions; and (2) as a catalyst for institutional improvement.

The institutional accreditation process, has provided the Open Campus with an ideal opportunty to evaluate its many processes and procedures with an aim to improving the quality of service to its internal and external stakeholders.

What is a Royal Charter?

The Royal Charter was issued to the University of the West Indies and gives it the powers and authority to operate as an University.

What is the history of the UWI?

The UWI began its life as The University College of the West Indies (UCWI) constituted and founded by Royal Charter in 1949 at Mona, Jamaica (the first campus) and subsequently, by further decree in 1962, The UCWI was allowed independent status bearing the name, The University of the West Indies.

How regularly does institutional accreditation take place?

An institution may be accredited for 3, 5 or  7 years by the Barbados Accreditation Council.