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About WAND

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The Women and Development Unit (WAND) was established in August 1978 in the context of the UN Decade for Women with its goal of Equality, Development and Peace. WAND’s work was, therefore, in keeping with the Decade’s focus to promote programmes which would help to ensure equality between the sexes and the "full integration of women into the process of development."

However, the work of the Unit is also guided by an analysis of society which focuses on the way in which class, race, gender and culture combine within a patriarchal and socio-economic system of capitalism to ensure and perpetuate the subordination of women.

With a vision to provide a perspective on women in Caribbean development that influences policy and the provision of services to women and the peoples of the region, WAND is committed to supporting and promoting women's development through training, research, documentation and community outreach.

WAND's practical work at the level of the community, not only contributes to the literature on women and gender issues, but it also takes the community to The UWI and The UWI to the community.

WAND's main programmes are:

  1. Community outreach
  2. Non- Formal Education and training
  3. Documentation and Research

WAND's partners include women's organisations, non-governmental organisations and other community groups and agencies in which the participatory approach to education, information resources, networks are utilised to promote women's issues.

These processes are documented for research purposes. This allows for the strengthening of the unit's work in the region.

Initially launched with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation, WAND is financed by grant contributions from the University of the West Indies, international funding agencies, private foundations and development aid institutions.