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Students are required to pay tuition fees relevant to their programme, administrative services and compulsory fees in accordance with the regulations. Tuition fees are paid by semester at the time of registration.

Students registering online can print their fee assessment invoice for each semester which details their financial obligations after registration. 

All fees must be paid by the end of the third week of semester classes and the second week of summer classes. Students who do not comply with payment deadlines will be de-registered and given Leave of Absence for the semester.

Students who do not comply with payment deadlines will be subject to the penalties in force.

The base currency for the calculation of fees for regional programmes is the US$. Exchange rates for the new academic year will be confirmed in July.

All course and programme fees are subject to change from time to time as mandated by The University of the West Indies.

 Payment Procedures for Semester 2, 2015/2016

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