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Applicants in the following categories (a-f) are NOT required to sit the test:

a) Persons with any ONE of the following English Language qualifications:

(i) Grade 1- CXC English A examination

(ii) Grade A - GCE O Level English Language examination

(iii) Grade A- GCE A/O Level General Paper examination

(iv) Grades 1&2 CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) Communication Studies.

(v) Grade B+ or above College English Skills I or II- College of Bahamas

(vi) Grade B+ or above Advanced Communication or Business Communication - University of Technology (UTECH)

(vii) Grade B+ or above Freshman Composition I or II - Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

b) Persons who are already holders of an undergraduate degree from the UWI or from an approved university, and persons with a Grade B+ or above in a college English course from an approved University.

c) Persons holding a UWI Certificate in Advanced Nursing Education and Administration OR a UWI Licentiate of Theology.

d) Persons holding a UWI Diploma in Mass Communications who have passed the course ‘Media & Language’ (MC52A)

e) Persons who passed (within the past 5 years) the UWI English Language Proficiency Tests offered by any campus.

f) Persons who successfully completed any ONE of the following UWI English Language courses within the last five years: UC010; UC10A; UC10B; UC10C; UC10D; UC10L; UC10H; UC120; FD10A; CM10A; CM10B; FD10C; FD10H.