Admissions FAQ's

Where can I get help?

Applicants who encounter problems with any

of our online systems can email our Help Desk at for assistance.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

You may track the status of your application anytime by logging on to the Online Admissions Portal using your Login ID and PIN.

All communication from Admissions will be sent to your email address and print copies sent to your Open Campus Site.

Please ensure that you have submitted your Application Receipt and all required supporting documents. You must submit all the required documents in order to complete the application process.

How will I be taught?

The Open Campus has a mix of blended learning, fully online, face-to-face courses and mixed-mode programmes. 

Blended – A blend of online and other modalities
Online – Fully online via the Internet
Face-to-Face – Traditional classroom
Mixed-mode – Face-to-Face and other modalities

Do remember, whichever teaching format is used, being an independent learner is key to your success!

How will I be assessed?

Courses are assessed in a combination of ways, with methods varying according to the nature of the subject being taught.

Methods of assessing courses include: coursework, project work, tutorial and/or seminar presentations and written, practical and oral examinations.

The assessment plan will be communicated to you as part of the course information.

Students have a responsibility to ensure that they participate fully in learning situations and submit assignments and projects by the deadlines.

How are degrees awarded?

First degrees are awarded in the following categories:

First class
Upper second class
Lower second class

Applying for Admission

The Open Campus is making applying to the University more convenient for its students.

Please note that for regional programmes, only online applications are accepted. For local programmes, paper applications are the norm.

Take the time to read all instructions carefully and collect all the required documents in preparation for your application.


We look forward to welcoming you to the UWI, Open Campus and serving you:


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