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January 2018

Certificate in Introduction to Health Care Management

Programme Summary

The CPE Office of the University of the West Indies, Open Campus has developed a continuing education programme Introduction to Healthcare Management.  This programme was borne out of the need to provide first level support for healthcare workers who wanted to progress in their careers by obtaining formal introductory training in healthcare management. The programme will consist of 120 contact hours geared towards equipping individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to function effectively in the healthcare management industry.

Certificate in Early Childhood Education Care And Development (Ececd)


Early childhood care and education makes a positive contribution to well-being of young children. A growing body of research on brain development shows that experiences that children have in the first five years of  life have a decisive and long lasting impact on all areas of children’s later development.

Certificate NGO Professional Management

Application Deadline for Semester 2 (January 2018): Friday 8 December, 2017. 


The NGO Professional Management Certificate is being undertaken as part of a partnership arrangement between The University of the West Indies Open Campus and the Caribbean Policy Development Centre. The NGO Professional Management Certificate is an initiative under the Civil Society Regional Development Project, which is funded by the European Union.

BSc Youth Development Work with Minor in Management Studies


Youth development is being given greater international priority in recognition of the significant role that young people currently play, and will continue to play in the achievement of national, regional and international development goals. Major international meetings now create spaces for young people to participate in decision-making and for devising strategies to resolve the challenges which young people face.

BSc Political Science with Minor in Economics


The relationship between politics and economics is becoming increasingly important in societies across the world. As we are aware, economic conditions do influence politics, and politics also impact the economy since both represent the ways by which societies make decisions. If you intend to pursue a political career or if you are presently involved in political leadership and management, this programme is specially designed for you.

About the Programme


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