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Registration Guidelines

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The University of the West Indies, Open Campus Summer School Session will be held during the period May 23 – July 9, 2016.  A select number of undergraduate and pre-university courses will be offered during this session.
Summer School offers students an opportunity to:
  • Complete their programme of study
  • Accelerate their studies
  • Repeat courses in order to meet prerequisites for the regular semester course offerings
  • Enhance personal development
The Summer School is optional. It is not to be confused with the programmes which are structured to carry three (3) compulsory semesters.
Students who register in the Summer School are subject to all University and Faculty Regulations and General Regulations for students.
Credits for courses passed will be granted to registered students of the University of the West Indies. 
Academic Integrity
Students have the responsibility to know and observe the Regulations of The University of the West Indies.  Additionally, the regulations prohibit plagiarism, falsification of information and academic dishonesty. All regulations are in force during the Summer School Session.