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Fee Payment

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The tuition cost per course varies according to programme. Please contact the Site Coordinator in your respective countries for further details regarding course fees and payment. All fees should be paid by June 10, 2016.

  1. Part payment of fees is NOT allowed.  All fees must be paid in full upon registration for course(s).
  2. Students should provide their Site Coordinators with a copy of their proof of payment.
  3. Courses not dropped by the deadline of June 10, 2016 will be counted and the student will be billed accordingly. 

Refund Policy

Students may be eligible for a refund of a portion of tuition costs if they notify the Assistant Registrar in writing ( or change their registration by dropping a course before the end of the second week of summer classes.

Pro-rated refunds shall be instituted as follows:

  1. Before the end of week 1 – 100% refund
  2. Before the end of week 2 – 50% refund

Students who withdraw from a course or courses after two weeks of teaching will not be refunded any portion of tuition fees.