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Delivery Method

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Who can Register? | Registration Process | Delivery Method

The blended learning delivery method will be used primarily in the Summer School. This consists of a variety of distance education methodologies: self-study, print-based instructional materials supported by interactive audio-graphic teleconferences, limited face- to-face tutorial sessions where necessary and a web based Learning Management System that will engage students in any of the following activities:

  Participate in online discussion forums

  Practice exercises also known as self-assessment exercises

  Multiple choice tests (MCQ’s)

  Limited research activities that the course coordinator may decide on

In all of the above online activities, you will be monitored by e-tutors. Students from across the region will be placed into online groups and each group will be assigned an e-tutor.

Students are encouraged to select your courses and pay your tuition as soon as possible. Once you have registered, you should collect your print-based course materials from your Site Coordinator and start to read ahead. Be reminded, you need to select your courses in a timely fashion, in order to be assigned to a tutorial group. This is a short semester; therefore, you are expected to participate in all the learning activities provided by your Course Coordinators and Tutors in order to guarantee yourselves a successful Summer Semester.