Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the Games being held?
    • The 2018 UWI Staff Games are being held on 6th - 15th July 2018
  2. Where are the Games being held?
    • The 2018 UWI Staff Games are being held in collaboration with the government of Grenada and the St. Georges University
  3. What sports are contested at the Games?
    • The following sports will be contested at the UWI Staff Games 2018 in both male and female participation except as noted:
      • Basketball
      • Football
      • Cricket
      • Netball 
      • Table Tennis
      • Lawn Tennis
      • Athletics
      • Volleyball
  4. How many athletes can register?
    • The UWI Open Campus is looking to field a team of 90 Athletes for all of the sporting disciplines. The Games will require participation both on and off the field. All members of the contingent are important to the overall success of the initiative.
  5. How many supporters can register?
    • The UWI OC will seek to make arrangements separately for the first twenty (20) supporters who register online. No more than 20 supporters can be accommodated by the UWI Open Campus. More information will be forthcoming on this imitative
  6. What will it cost to participate in the Games?
    • All athletic staff members are expected to cover their airfare to Grenada and you are expected to travel with spending money. Additionally, you may be required to contribute to the cost of uniforms. Accommodation, Meals and Transportation will be provided. You are also expected to walk with your specialist sporting equipment.
    • For Supporters, you are also expected to cover your airfare into Grenada.More on this soon.
  7. What equipment do I have to walk with as an athlete?
    • All athletes are expected to walk with their gear of specialty any other protection deemed necessary.
      • Footballers must walk with boots and shin guards to play on a synthetic turf
      • Volleyballers must walk with shoes, knee and elbow guards
      • Cricketers must walk with helmet, pads, gloves and bats
      • Lawn Tennis athletes must walk with their rackets and a ball
      • Basketballers must walk with shoes
      • Netballers must walk with shoes
      • Track and Field athletes must walk with spikes and/or suitable shoes to run around a synthetic track
      • Table Tennis athletes must walk with rackets and a ball
    • In addition to this, it is expected that all athletes will walk with at least two (2) ORANGE shirts and (2)WHITE shirts for training purposes. All bottoms are to be BLACK/BLUE
  8.  Where will I be staying when I arrive?

More information coming soon.