UWI Staff Games, July 6th - 15th 2018

Message to Staff from Principal Dr. Luz Longsworth

Let me begin by welcoming you to the official website of The UWI Open Campus Staff Games 2018. I welcome your interest and hope that you will support our sports teams as they prepare to participate in the next UWI Staff Games in Grenada in July 2018.

I also hope that you will even consider registering to take part as a team member in Cricket, Football, Netball, Athletics, Lawn and Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball or in any of the various sporting events. Let us show full support for our Campus teams in one way or another, whether through planning, fund-raising, training, cheer leading, or even just sending words of support and encouragement.

The UWI staff games allow us to build relationships across the region and to bring together our UWI community in a united way, despite the heated inter-campus competition in the varying sports. We have an incredible amount of talented and skilled people around us, so I welcome this opportunity for us to showcase yet another side of ourselves. I understand the importance of showing support for those persons in our campus who put themselves out there as they compete with our sister UWI campuses as the new ‘campus on the block’. I call on you to show that same support for our colleague ‘gamers’ as they prepare to participate in this exciting event in July 2018.

I hope you all feel the same level of energy and optimism that I do as we embark on this journey together as we anticipate our many successes at the next UWI Staff Games!

Message to Staff from Deputy Principal Prof. Julie Meeks-Gardner

I encourage you to navigate through the website and sign up to participate or support the Open Campus in the UWI Staff Games 2018. As we build up our sports teams, our training, our funding, our travel arrangements, and, most importantly, our team spirit, we also encourage you to visit this website regularly to monitor developments and track updates of our participation.

The UWI Staff Games was created to deepen inter-campus staff camaraderie and allow members to show off their sports skills and sportsmanship. Although this is only the third year that the Open Campus is competing in the Staff Games, I am sure we will live up to our excellent potential in this important bi-annual UWI event - and also to have fun! Congratulations to those who are participating and to the working committee, who are planning for our successful participation. Staff members are still encouraged to sign up to participate, it is not too late!

I also encourage you to send in words of encouragement to motivate our team members, who are Open Campus staff members from all across the region. We welcome your comments and suggestions as well. Your feedback is very important will help us better plan our success in these upcoming Staff Games. On behalf of the team and committee members, thank you again for visiting the website.

Go UWI Open Campus Team!