Open Campus Council 2009

This page has been set up to provide temporary access to the papers of the meeting of the Open Campus Council in Grenada, March 20th 2009.

While it might be useful to bookmark it around the time of the meeting, please do not expect it to remain for long: as soon as the Open Campus' own website is ready, the material here will be moved to it for permanent archiving.

Papers for the Council Meeting, March 20th, 2009 in Grenada

Unconfirmed Minutes of the 2009 meeting

Confirmed Minutes of the 2008 meeting

Draft Agenda

P1 - Principal's Report

P2 - Annual report 2007-2008 (final text version that replaces what was here before)

P3 - Billing Governments

P5 - Report from TAC

P6 - Fees for post-graduate programmes (Spreadsheet)

P7 - Fees for other programmes

P8 - Schedule of Council Meetings

P9 - Renaming of former UWIDEC buildings on the other three campuses

P10 - Statement to Campus Council

Updated: 19th March, 2009.


The University of the West Indies, 2009