Open Campus Council

This page has been set up to provide temporary access to the papers of the inaugural meeting of the Open Campus Council in St Kitts.

While it might be useful to bookmark it around the time of the meeting, please do not expect it to remain for long: as soon as the Open Campus' own website is ready, the material here will be moved to it for permanent archiving.

Papers for the Council Meeting, March 3rd, 2008 in St Kitts

Confirmed Minutes

Draft Agenda (draft of 29 February)

P1 Organisational Structure

P2 - Statutory Matters

P3 - The Openness of the Open Campus

P4 - Fee structure for Open Campus degrees

P5 - Management of Matriculation and Graduation Ceremonies

P6 - Procurement of Academic Programmes

P7 - Operational Plans

P8 - Implementation Matrix

P9 - Dr Pitt's Paper


Updated: 29th April, 2008.


The University of the West Indies, 2008