The Distance Education Centre (DEC)

The DEC* has its headquarters at Cave Hill, a large unit at Mona* (inheriting the facilities devoted to the earlier UWI Distance Teaching Enterprise, UWIDITE), and a smaller unit at St Augustine.  It is responsible for teleconferencing facilities at a large number of other sites throughout the region (to contact those at SCS sites, go to the SCS page).  There is now a comprehensive DEC page available here.

Its staff comprises:

Cave Hill:


St Augustine:

Contact can be made with the DEC:  

Cave Hill Phone (246) 417 4496/7
  Fax (246) 421 6753
Mona Phone (876) 927 2831
  Fax (876) 977 3494
St Augustine Phone (868) 645 2995
  Fax (868) 645 2424

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Last updated: 26th September, 2003.


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