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This page links to copies of some of the papers presented at the Belize Country Conference, November 21-24, 2001, and at the second such Conference in 2010. These versions are offered as a public service by the University of the West Indies. Other papers related to Belize may be added as they become available.

These documents may be used for educational purposes only and may not be commercialized in any manner. Copyright remains with the authors. We suggest that an appropriate version of the phrase below be used as the copyright notice when reproducing any of the papers in any format:

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Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in any of these papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of the West Indies.


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Second Conference, November 2010

Author Title Paper
Leroy Almendarez Human Capital Theory: Implications for Educational Development HTML
Jane Bennett Socioeconomic Equity and Stability: Achievable for most if not all HTML
Janelle Chanona Media and the Belizean Society HTML
Dr Emily Dick-Forde Integrating Education on Climate Change in the UWI Open Campus - Promoting Sustainable Development in CARICOM HTML
Margarita Gomez An Education System for Sustained Growth and Economic Development HTML
Major Lloyd Jones Building an Effective Oil Spill Response Mechanism for Belize HTML
Dr Kathleen King A Model for Designing and Facilitating Virtual Learning: Addressing Faculty Needs and Contextualization HTML
Dr Michelle McAnuff-Gumbs "Virtually There:" Making Online Training 'Real' for Caribbean Literacy Coaches - What Governments Can do? HTML
Dr Abigail McKay Social Productivity Forum: An Alternative Curriculum that Addresses Multiple Industries and Builds Human Capacity HTML
National Kriol Council: Myrna Manzanares and Marilyn Gentle-Garvin Cultural Entrepreneurial Training HTML
Isidora Espadas, Laura Longsworth & Marjorie Parks Harmonizing Nursing Education: Theory and Practice HTML
Dr Sharmayne Saunders Corporate Social Responsibility HTML

First Conference, November 2001

Author Paper
Dr Eve Aird The Evolution of the Belizean University
Francis B. Arana, Sr The Waning Economic Power of the Garinagu
Dr Carla Barnett Defining Ethnicity in Belize: Understanding Our History
Pen Cayetano The Beginning of Punta Rock
Professor Hubert Devonish & Enita Castillo Some Features of the Morpho-Syntax of Simple Sentences in Garifuna
Lucia Ellis Traditional Medicine in Belize: an Under-utilised resource?

Professor Albert K. Fiadjoe

Access to Justice — Where does the Ombudsman of Belize Fit in?
Dr Anabel Ford & Dr Keith Clarke Out of the Past, in the Present, and for the Future of the Maya Forest (This paper contains a substantial bibliography.)
Frank Gomez, Jr. Education as if People Matter: A Call for Critical Thinking and Humanistic Education
Egbert Higinio Caribbean: Mimicry or Mimesis through the Poetry of Derek Walcott
Dr Joseph Iyo & Dr Michael Rosberg Theoretical Perspectives on the Stasis of Class Relations in the Caribbean: the Belize Case Study
Sharon Matola and Celso Poot One Forest, Three Nations: the Biological and Cultural Diversity of Belize: National Significance with a Regional Impact
Charles McSweeney Breaking the Apprenticeship Curse: A Critical Look at Information Technology Training in Belize
Dr Joseph O. Palacio Coastal Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Values - Their Significance to the Garifuna and Rest of the Caribbean Region
Myrtle Palacio Dangriga BZ or USA?: Out-migration Experiences of a Garifuna Community in Post-independent Belize
Dr Vincent Palacio Training Needs Assessment for the Hospitality Industry in Belize
Dr Dion E. Phillips The Military of Belize
Professor Ralph Premdas Belize: Identity and Ethnicity in a Multi-Ethnic State
Dr Chandrabhan Sharma A Critical Review of the Mollejon Hydro Project
Dr Roy Young Migration and AIDS in Belize

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