The Consortium for Social Development and Research (CSDR)

This Division comprises the former “Specialised Units”, which were primarily small entities with researchers conducting the work of each unit within the broader context of the former School of Continuing Studies (SCS).

The CSDR research units are now a semi-autonomous group which collaborates to prepare work plans for conducting research and providing education within regional communities.

The social groups helped by these research units are usually those who are underprivileged and lack the means to better their circumstances.

The Consortium will work to enable the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged within the Caribbean to attain their full potential through formal and non-formal education, research and technical assistance using a person-centred approach.

Open Campus units currently incorporated in the Consortium

A Cultural Studies Unit is proposed for 2009-2010 to help work with the UWI Open Campus Sites to develop cultural awareness among the inhabitants of the communities. It will also conduct research on culture in its many manifestations in these communities.

On June 30th, the Consortium will host a teleconference to publicise the research work of its four units. Some resources related to this teleconference will soon be available from this page.

Here is a background note about WAND.

Last revised 26 June, 2009