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Our high-quality programmes are able to deliver the best learning experience available to reach your full potential.

Title Next Start Date
ASc in Administrative Professional Office Management
ASc in Business Management
ASc in Paralegal Studies
ASc in Social Work
BEd Early Childhood Development and Family Studies
BEd Educational Leadership & Management (Major)
BEd Educational Leadership & Management (Special)
BEd Literacy Studies (Trained Teachers Model A)
BEd Literacy Studies (Untrained Teachers Model B)
BEd Secondary English (Teacher Trained/Model A)
BEd Secondary English (Untrained/Model B)
BEd Secondary Mathematics (Teacher Trained/Model A)
BEd Secondary Mathematics (Untrained/Model B)
BSc Accounting (REVISED 2015/16)
BSc Banking and Finance (Compliance and Corporate Governance Minor)
BSc Banking and Finance (Special)
BSc Economics
BSc in Youth Development Work
BSc Management Studies
BSc Management Studies (Entrepreneurship)
BSc Management Studies (Financial Management)
BSc Management Studies (Human Resource Management)
BSc Management Studies (International Management)
BSc Management Studies (Marketing)
BSc Management Studies (REVISED 2015/16)
BSc Management Studies (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
BSc Political Science
BSc Political Science with Minor in Economics
BSc Psychology
BSc Psychology with Minor in Human Resource Management
BSc Social Work
BSc Social Work with Minor in Youth Development Work
BSc Sociology
BSc Sociology with Minor in Marketing
BSc Youth Development Work with Minor in Management Studies
Certificate Early Childhood Development & Family Studies
Certificate in Climate Change
Certificate in Criminology
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Certificate in Social Work
Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management in the Caribbean
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Health & Family Life Education (HFLE) Instruction
Diploma in Public Sector Administration
Diploma in Social Services
Diploma in Social Work
Diploma in Youth Development Work
Title Next Start Date
Advanced Digital Marketing Programme
Certificate Fundamentals of Business Administration
Certificate Fundamentals Of Statistical Analysis Techniques
Certificate in Accounting Information Systems
Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management
Certificate in Brand Management
Certificate in Business Writing & Communication
Certificate in Care of the Elderly
Certificate in Creative Writing
Certificate in Early Childhood Education Care And Development (Ececd)
Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Certificate in Facilities Management
Certificate in Finance for Decision-Makers
Certificate in Grant Proposal Writing
Certificate in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Law
Certificate in Information Technology (IT)
Certificate in Internal Auditing
Certificate in Introduction to Digital Marketing
Certificate in Introduction to Family Law in Selected Jurisdictions
Certificate in Introduction to Health Care Management
Certificate in Managing Conflict In The Workplace Programme
Certificate in Managing People Effectively
Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
Certificate in Office Administration
Certificate in Procurement Management
Certificate in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy Skills
Certificate in Transformational Leadership to Achieve the SDGs in Developing States
Certificate in Women, Entrepreneurship and Society
Certificate NGO Professional Management
Certificate Programme In Business Process Management
Culture of Rastafari
E-Commerce in Modern Business
Foundations of Data Management and Analysis
Foundations of Records Management
Introduction to Climate Change and Gender Mainstreaming
Introduction to Property & Real Estate Management
Key Concepts In Financial Institutions Management

Degree Programmes Offered for PLA

PLA will currently be offered for the following undergraduate degrees during the PLA pilot phase:

  1. BSc Accounting
  2. BSc Banking and Finance
  3. BEd Early Childhood Development and Family Studies
  4. BSc Management Studies
  5. BSc Youth Development Work

Other programmes will be included soon based on demand.

Courses on offer for the 2017/2018 Summer Session:

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  • A problem solver

  • An effective communicator

  • Knowledgeable and informed

  • Competent

  • A leader and team player

  • IT-skilled and Information literate

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