Dr. Vilma Clarke
Head, Montego Bay
  Ms. Levene Griffiths
Head, Eastern Region
  Dr. Jerome Miller-Vaz
Head, Western Region

   Open Campus
Montego Bay Site

Montego Bay
Open Campus Montego Bay  


       Open Campus Jamaica Eastern Sites
Camp Road
Morant Bay
Port Antonio
Open Campus Camp Road



Open Campus Jamaica Western Sites
Ocho Rios
Brown's Town

Open Campus Ocho Rios    



Open Learning Centre, Mona  


These sites are responsible for all of the Open Campus’s activities in Jamaica, including public service, outreach activities, research and continuing education programming.

Student Numbers
4,531 (based on 06/07 figures)

Total Student Numbers Across the Region
19, 886 (based on 06/07 figures)

On site Facilities
Library, computer centre, classrooms

Open Campus Mona Sites
Open Learning Centre