The Open Campus 2018 Valedictorian

Kirk Edwards is a proud member of the indigenous Kalinago community of Dominica. He is a husband, father, Mathematics teacher, church leader and sports enthusiast. He attended the Atkinson Primary School, Castle Bruce Secondary School, Dominica State College and The University of the West Indies.

Kirk has been a Mathematics teacher at the North East Comprehensive School for 10 years (2008 to present). In 2012, he was a finalist in the Novice Teacher of the Year category of the Dominica’s Teachers Bi-Annual Awards. For the past four years, he has been tasked with the responsibility of heading the Mathematics department at the North East Comprehensive School. Under his supervision the school has had a steady increase in its pass rate at the CXC examinations (CSEC & CCSLC) obtaining its best Mathematics past rate ever. He has also been a volunteer Mathematics tutor under the Adult Education Division’s Second Chance Programme since 2011, where he has the privilege to guide high school dropouts and assist adults in developing their numeracy skills and excelling in the CXC/CSEC exams.

His faith has been a major driving force in all that he does. As a proud member of the Church of the Nazarene in Dominica, he has been involved in youth ministry since 2011. He has been the Secretary and President of his local youth group and district and has served on his local church board for over eight years. Presently, he serves as the President of the Dominica District Youth Ministry and Camps Board of the Church of the Nazarene.

Kirk’s love of  sports has also given him opportunities to lead in his community. He is a Level 1 FIVB (volleyball) coach, and has trained and managed his community’s volleyball team to a championship and several finals in the Dominica National Volleyball League. He also serves as the Secretary of the Kalinago Sports Association.

When not busy at work, or tutoring an Adult Education Mathematics class, or involved in training for volleyball, he enjoys watching psychological thrillers and comedies, and teaching his three-year-old son to ride his bicycle and learn mathematics.

Kirk Edwards’ experiences have taught him that quality outcomes are attained through ambition, hard work and determination. He uses this mindset to guide his actions as a student, educator, father, husband, and leader in his job, church and community, but by no means does he feel that he has accomplished all that he can.