How do I Attend

If you wish to attend the Ceremony, please complete and submit the Online Reply Form.  You must first confirm your eligibility to graduate before completing the form.  Please contact your local Open Campus Site to verify that you are indeed on the graduation list for 2018. You are eligible to attend if you received a letter indicating that you have completed your programme and you are in good financial standing with the University.

The reply form should be completed by September 7, 2018.  In the case of candidates completing in summer, you should complete the Reply Form within a week of receiving your completion letter if this date is later than September 7, 2018, but no later than Sepember 14, 2018.

If you choose to be presented either at the Cave Hill, St. Augustine, or Mona Campus you should indicate this on the Reply Form and immediately contact the office of the Assistant Registrar, Examinations, at that Campus for campus-specific instructions using the contact information listed below. You may also visit the specific campus website for details.


Cave Hill 1-246-417-4133
St. Augustine 1-868-662-2002
Mona 1-876-977-3544

The University does not guarantee that arrangements will be made for your presentation if you do not complete the Online Reply Form by the stipulated dates.