Post Graduate Diploma Adult and Continuing Education


The Post Graduate Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) was developed by a team of adult educators who are themselves leaders in the field and some of whom are members of staff of the UWI Open Campus.

The programme aims to:

• provide a curriculum that fosters the andragogical principles of research-led teaching, critical inquiry of adult    development as it relates to learning theory, self-directed learning, collaborative learning and reflective practice.

• examine competing histories of adult education activities in the Caribbean and conflicting social purposes, beliefs    and assumptions that have guided those practices.

• provide students with the opportunity to engage in high quality scholarship and participatory  / emancipatory    research which will enable them to acquire a rigorous understanding of Caribbean adult education and of the    cultural, political and historical contexts in which it occurs.

• develop a learning culture among students that would assist them in acting critically and competently in a variety    of educational contexts.

• prepare students to engage in the progressive development of Caribbean adult education as practitioners/trainers.


Who is this programme for?

The Post Graduate Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education is for graduates  who are working in or intending to work in the growing field of adult education.


Programme Structure

The Post Graduate Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education is a 21-credit diploma programme, comprising a complusory online graduate introductory course, six 3-credit core courses and one 3-credit electives designed for 16 months of study.


When will the programme start?

This offering of the programme begins in September 2015 and runs for 16 months ending in December 2016.


Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for admission into Post Graduate Diploma ACE, an applicant must possess at least a second class Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, in Education, Sociology, Social Work or Psychology. The degree must be obtained from a recognized tertiary level institution. Consideration may also be given to persons with other degrees or a Teacher’s Diploma, and at least five years experience in an appropriate field.


Academic Preparation

All participants must take part in an orientation programme that introduces them to online study and prepares them for the demands of a UWI post-graduate programme.


Course of Study



Core Courses 


OOL6001      Graduate Introduction to Online Learning

EDAE6050    History and Philosophy of Adult Education

EDAE6051    Adult Development and Learning

EDAE6052    Adult Learning Principles and their application to Programme Planning

EDAE6053    Adult Education & Continuing Education in a socio-cultural and political context

EDAE6056    Introduction to Distance Education

EDAE6074    Course Design and Development in Distance Education. 


Elective Courses 

Students are required to choose one (1) elective courses from the following:

EDAE6072   Educational Management and Administration in Adult Education & Continuing Education 

EDAE6073   Language and Literacy 

EDAE6077   Technical/ Vocational and Occupational Education