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MA in English Language

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Are you up for a challenge?

Are you excited about the idea of English as a World Language? Do you want to ask the right questions about the English and know how to find the answers? Do you want to truly understand and be able to confidently and efficiently use the English Language as well as teach it to others?  Then, this is your programme. Apply now to do the MA in English Language with the Open Campus.

What is this programme about?

1.  It provides students with a solid grasp of the social, political and ideological issues surrounding English and its use within the Caribbean and the world

2.  It provides students with a sound understanding of the major linguistic features of English, notably its phonology, syntax and discourse structures, and the ability to use data and sources within the literature to extrapolate rules of grammar, spelling, etc.

3. It assists students in building a strong awareness of the linguistic and social context within which English is used in the Caribbean, as well as globally.

4.  It ensures that students are able to apply the appropriate content and skills to solve problems involving language structure and use.

What are the advantages to me?

This programme involves a special blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning techniques. It combines the best of both independent and collaborative learning. Each course aims to equip students with five key developmental skills:

1.      Developing critical thinking

2.      Using data to solve problems involving language structure and language use

3.      Gaining the confidence and ability to integrate and apply 1 & 2 above within any language-related situation

4.      Understanding independent research

5.      Mastering technical skills related to effective speech and writing


Who is this programme for?

·  Teachers of English Language

·  Media Practitioners

·  Other professionals with an interest in building knowledge about the structure and use of the English Language


Programme Structure

The M. A. in English Language is a 36-credit programme comprising 12 core courses (3 credits each).


When will the programme start?

This programme starts in September 2016 and runs for 24 months, ending in August, 2018.


Entry Requirements

To qualify for this programme, prospective candidates must possess an undergraduate degree - at the lower second level or higher or its equivalent from an approved university, and/or at least a B average across all courses pursued.


Academic Preparation

Prior to the start of the programme all new applicants must take part in a graduate introductory course, which introduces learners to online study and prepares them for the demands of the UWI Open Campus post-graduate experience.


Course of Study

OOL6001   Graduate Introduction to Online Learning

LING6007   Introductory Phonetics and Phonology 

LING6008   Introductory Morphology and Syntax

LANG6099   Advanced Academic English Language Skills

LING6307   Introductory Sociology of Language

LING6308   Introductory Sociolinguistics

LING6401   The Grammar of English: An Extrapolatory Approach

LING6302   The Sociolinguistics of English Language and Society

LING6402   World Englishes

LING6407   Discourse Styles of English

LING6201   Comparative Caribbean English - Lexicon Creole

LING6103   Principles and Methods of English Language Teaching

LING6106   The Content of Tertiary Level English Language Courses