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Documents Required

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The following documents must be submitted with your on-line application:

  1. Application fees (waived for on-line applications only).
  2. A resume of your job and other experience that is relevant to your desire to pursue the degree programme.Include Employer Contact Information.
  3. Two (2) referee reports. (Two (2) academic referees are preferred but in certain circumstances one (1) academic referee and one (1) work referee could be accepted).These reports must be submitted under confidential cover by the referees. 
  4. Signed copy of Declaration Page (required for all on-line applications).Please note that this page is presented after you select the "Application is Complete" button.
  5. Birth Certificate (not required from UWI graduates)
  6. Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
  7. Legal Affidavit or deed poll if your present name is different from that on the Birth Certificate.
  8. Professional Certificates/Diplomas obtained from institutions other than UWI
  9. Official Transcripts (for non-UWI graduates.  Please note that these must be sent directly from the granting institution.)

Transcripts and referee reports must be sent directly to the University. All other documents may be submitted through the Open Campus Country sites. Applicants are requested to take the originals to the site nearest to you where they will be copied, notarized and scanned, then forwarded to the Assistant Registrar. Please note that the University reserves the right to request the original documents.


The address to which all documents are to be sent is:

The University of the West Indies
The Assistant Registrar
Admissions & Registration
Graduate Programmes
Open Campus St. Augustine
Trinidad W.I.

Fax: (868) 663-4919