Post Graduate Diploma in Literacy Instruction


At the UWI Open Campus, we help our graduate students find the work that inspires them. Move forward in your professional development with the Diploma in Literacy Instruction.  

This 12 month programme is offered by the UWI Open Campus.

The Diploma in Literacy Instruction enables you to:

• address problems of literacy instruction in the Caribbean using linguistic, biological, psychological, sociological    and technological principles

• assess students’ instructional materials and learning contexts using a wide repertoire of assessment    instruments

• implement research-based best practices in literacy instruction

• design effective, standards-based literacy programmes that cater for diverse learners

• design effective literacy instructional materials for both print-based and electronic media


Who is this programme for?

The Diploma in Literacy Instruction is for trained teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of literacy instruction.

It links theory with practice by enabling participants to implement programme content directly in their classroom environments.


Programme Structure

The Diploma in Literacy Instruction is a 20-credit programme comprising five 4-credit courses. It is designed for 12 months of study.


When will the programme start?

This offering of the programme begins in January, 2014 and runs for 12 months ending in December, 2014.  


Entry Requirements

Successful applicants:

•     MUST hold a Teacher’s Diploma from a recognised Teachers’ College.

•     MUST have at least a lower second class undergraduate degree or its equivalent from an approved university.


Academic Preparation

All participants must take part in an orientation programme that introduces them to online study and prepares them for the demands of a UWI post-graduate programme.


Course of Study

EDLS6501 Foundations of Literacy Instruction  
EDLS6502 Best Practices in Literacy Instruction  
EDLS6503 The Literacy Curriculum  
EDLS6504 Literacy Assessment  
EDLS6505  Literacy Materials Design