Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design


 Note:  The next student intake for this programme will be January 2014.

There is a growing demand by educators and trainers throughout the region for competencies and skills in Instructional Design.  It is therefore imperative, given this current trend, that Open Campus meets the demands of the marketplace by building expertise and capacity in the area of Instructional Design.

If you are desirous of excelling in this lucrative and emerging field of study, then the Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design is the starting point you need.  Once completed, this programme ladders into a Masters Programme in Instructional Design where you may specialize any one of the following:  Instructional Technology, Instructional Systems or Open and Distance Learning. 

These programmes will enable you to improve your professional practice and exhibit leadership in your institution, organization and professional community by promoting and demonstrating effective use of digital tools and resources as well as expertise in human performance technology and the design of instruction in distance as well as conventional instructional and training environments.


Who is this programme for?

The Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design is for professionals working or seeking work in the fields of education, training, multimedia development or human performance technology.  These individuals should have a genuine interest in seeking competencies and skills in designing, implementing and evaluating instruction for classroom settings and / or training environments in public or private enterprises or in business or industry. 


Programme Structure

The Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design is a 12 month, 20-credit programme comprising 6 courses:

•  Learning Theory and Instructional Theory 

•  Instructional Design Theories, Models and Strategies 

•  Systems Approach to Designing Instructional Materials 

•  Programme Evaluation and Course Assessment Methods 

•  Analyzing Human Performance 

•  Trends, Issues, Innovations and Research in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology and Distance Education      


When will the programme start?

This offering of the programme begins in January, 2014 and runs for 12 months ending in December, 2014.  Please see programme of study below.


Entry Requirements

To qualify for this programme, prospective students must possess the following:

    • An undergraduate degree (at least a Lower Second Class pass or its equivalent from an approved university)


Academic Preparation

All successful candidates must participate in an orientation programme that introduces them to online study and prepares them for the demands of a UWI graduate programme.


Course of Study

EDID 6501            Learning Theory and Instructional Theory

EDID 6503            Instructional Design Theories, Models and Strategies

EDID 6504            Programme Evaluation and Course Assessment Methods

EDID 6505            Systems Approach to Designing Instructional Materials

EDID 6502            Analysing Human Performance

EDID 6506            Issues, Trends, Innovations and Research in Instructional Design, Instructional

                                Technology and Distance Education