World Englishes

LING6402 – World Englishes

The issue of there being varieties of English spoken around the world and, as well, variation within what may be considered standard varieties of English, requires study in the light of actual language usage. What constitute the features which make these varieties ‘standard’ and/or ‘internationally acceptable’? What are the features which mark these varieties off as different from one another, for example, British English from South African English, Indian English from Caribbean English?

At the end of this course, the student should be able to,

(i)      demonstrate knowledge of the spread and distribution of English across the world,

(ii)    show sensitivity to issues such as what constitutes ‘Standard English’, ‘Internationally Acceptable English’,

(iii)   be able to identify the major phonological, syntactic and lexical features which mark off the various regional standard varieties from each other,

(iv)  demonstrate a familiarity with the use to which the various international electronic corpora of English, notably those compiled by and available within the International Corpus of English (ICE) project, can be put in addressing the issues raised in (iii).